Residents, who are going for Education Leave ( interviews, conferences, meetings, lectures or exams) which are approved, should also update it as EDUCTIONAL ACTIVITIES on E-value. When you log on duty hours on E-value, you scroll down the TASK menu and you will find an option for “EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES”. You select that. Keep activity and duty hours same.
You should write REASON like interview, conferences etc. on COMMENT section which is just below the ACTIVITY menu.
Hope this will help you and remind you about logging in duty hours!
if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Chiefs.

Reminder: Its your time to be POPULAR

I am glad to inform you all that INTERVIEW season is here starting next week. It will continue till early January, 2018. I expect full support from all of you. Please come and interact with the new applicants, let them know about our program and answer their questions and concerns. Just think about the time when you were interviewing, and share your views.
We are also planning to run the slideshow of our residents and faculties to show the camaraderie between the residents and faculties, to show our scholarly activities ( presentations, posters and awards during major conferences or meetings) and last but not the least, hangouts (how we are enjoying our free time) to make them feel relaxed while they are waiting for their interviews. I encourage all of you to share as many pictures as possible.
You can iMessage, whatsapp, email, share drive or bring flash drive to me. We will try to show all the pictures with comments.

Thank you all for your support to make our program better!