End of module exams are now online!

All of our end of module exams are now available online. Some of the benefits of the online version of the end of module exams include:

  • The program and residents will no longer need to coordinate a specific time and place to take the end of module exam. Exams can now be completed on any computer or mobile device, from anywhere
  • Exams will be automatically graded after submission, and the score will be available to you immediately
  • Feedback for all right and wrong answers will be provided after you submit the exam. So far this applies to all floor exams and some elective exams, but soon feedback and explanations will be available for all exams
  • Chiefs / seniors no longer need to manually grade exams – grading occurs automatically
  • Trees all around Western New York will thank us

You can access the end of module exams here: End of Module Exams (the link will permanently be placed under the “Quick Links” section of the homepage).

On the day of your exam, your chief and/or senior resident will be responsible for providing you with a one-time password to enable access to the webpage that contains link to the end of module exams. This password will be valid only on that day, and will change from month to month.

Given that this is a new process, please provide us with as much feedback as possible in order to help make this process beneficial for everyone.