Admission and Management Policy at SOCH

Hello Everyone,

Here is updated Admission and Management Policy at SOCH. please, click on the link below.


  • ICU/4N: cap of 20 patients. No chest pain obs admission after the census of 15 patients. During daytime, if you are genuinely busy in ICU, you may ask Dr. Shehata’s service to do admissions.
  • 3S: cap of 10 patients. Should never go over 14 patients. No Er admission for non-referred patient after the census of 7 patients.
  • Day Float and Night Float Resident will update the Er physician about the census in the morning and night respectively.
  • Because of the complaints received from all, from now on Admitting Residents will maintain a list of all the admissions done through Er and any issues encountered (improper signout, inadequate workup, many admissions at once, busy ICU, Rapid/code while doing an admission, etc). Send all the logs weekly to Chief Resident to compile. Please find the attachments for the samples of admission log.


New Admission and Management Policy for the Internal Medicine

Sister’s Er admission log_1

Sister’s Er admission log_2